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Volunteer Information

We have prepared a wide range of information to provide guidance and support to volunteers of differing types  and have divided it into three sections:

  • Information of use to anyone helping anyone else in the community. Click here to access.
      • C3 – Shopping and Payment
      • C4 – Questions for free food delivery application
      • D1 – Donations to PTL
      • D2 – GDPR/Data Protection Policy
      • F1 – H&S when delivering
      • F2 – Cooking frozen meals
      • F3 – Delivery of free school and frozen meals
      • L1 Book collection and delivery
      • M1 Press and media guidelines
      • M2 Facebook Guidelines
      • M3 Community statement
      • V5 Market marshals
      • V6 – Marshalling traffic at drive-ins
      • W1 – Dog walking guidance
      • W2 – Dog walking disclosure form
      • W3 – Dog walking info for volunteer
  • Information for volunteers who are registered with Pulling Together Ludlow and have been issued with an ID badge. Click here to access.  (Password Protected)
      • E1 – Volunteer travel expenses
      • F5 – Delivery failure guidance
      • F6 – Co-op delivery guidance
      • V1 – Use of ID badges
      • V2 – Status of volunteers
      • V3 – Postcard delivery
  • Specialised information and backup material for PTL Call Handlers and other specialised roles. Click here to access.  (Password Protected)
      • C1- Call Handling instructions
      • C2 – Food delivery Application form
      • Tasks-specific volunteer lists
      • Other specialised tracking records
      • Information on tradesmen and repairers.
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